When Life Doesn't Turn Out the Way You Expect

Moving Beyond Disappointment, Rejection, Betrayal, Failure, and Loss
By: Multiple Authors
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Product Summary

A thoroughly biblical and practical survival manual for anyone who has faced life's worst. This book is salve for the deepest wounds.

--Stan Toler, bestselling author, pastor, and speaker

A resounding message of hope for those who are dealing with loss, failure, rejection, or abuse. The authors apply God's deepest truths to life's deepest hurts.

--Jo Anne Lyon, Executive Director, World Hope International

No matter what you have suffered, God can heal your broken heart.

Perhaps it's a divorce. Or, maybe you've suffered the loss of a child or the loss of a job. No one expects to suffer these heartaches when they're dreaming about the future and thinking about the way that life will turn out. No one prepares to face the devastations that life can visit upon us. Life's trials can leave us disillusioned, angry at God, and questioning our faith.

In their book, Jerry Brecheisen and Lawrence W. Wilson walk you through your difficult experiences and disappointments, bringing you to the point of healing--the place where God brings redemption to suffering.

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