So...You Want to Follow Jesus?

A Five-Week Basic Bible Study for Young Believers
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Product Summary

It is a wonderful privilege to help children grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. You can help a child begin a lifelong journey with Jesus.

The books in this packet will help teach children the basics of what it means to follow Jesus. You will help them understand what happened when they invited Jesus to be their Savior and best Friend. You will give them tools to help them grow into faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Your role is very important. Just as God gives parents to newborn babies to care for them, He also gives spiritual parents (guides) to care for newborn Christians. Here are some tips to help you in using this packet:

  • Meet with the child each week to go over a new book. Meeting each week helps build your relationship with the child. Each meeting should last no more than an hour.
  • Give the child a Commitment Card. Print on the back of the child's name and the date he or she decided to follow Jesus.
  • Provide an easy-to-read Bible for the child. It is important for children to understand whaty they are reading.
  • Read through each book with the child. Answer any questions the child may have and close each meeting with prayer.
  • Point out the Faith Words. Faith Words are foundational words of the Christian faith that are essential to biblical, theological, and spiritual understanding.

    Commitment Card
    Book 1: I Believe in jesus, Now What?
    Book 2: Roadblocks to the Faith
    Book 3: Growing Upward
    Book 4: Growing Together
    Book 5: Going Outward

For those children who accept Christ in VBS, this is a great resource! This colorful five-week Bible study is the tool you need to disciple new believers in the faith. Order a packet for each child who makes a commitment to Christ.

Product Details
4 Products
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