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Writers of the volumes in this series not only are scholars within the Wesleyan theological tradition and experts in their field but also have special interest in the books assigned to them. Their task is to communicate clearly the critical consensus and the full range of other credible voices who have commented on the Scriptures.

The project’s overall goal is to make available to the church and for her service the fruits of the labors of scholars who are committed to their Christian faith.

TORAH - 6 Volumes
Genesis 1-11 Joseph Coleson
Genesis 12-50 Alex Varughese and Christina Bohn
Exodus H. Junia Pokrifka
Leviticus Thomas J. King
Numbers Stephen Riley
Deuteronomy Stephen G. Green
Joshua Stephen J. Lennox
Judges Robert Branson
1 & 2 Samuel Kevin J. Mellish
1 & 2 Kings Karen S. Winslow
1 & 2 Chronicles Mitchel Modine
Ezra/Nehemiah Jim Edlin
Job A. Wendell Bowes
Psalms 1-72 David L. Thompson
Psalms 73-150 David L. Thompson
Proverbs John E. Hartley
Ecclesiastes/Lamentations Stephen J. Bennett
Ruth/Esther/Song of Songs Elaine Bernius, Sarah Derck, and Joseph Coleson
PROPHETS - 8 Volumes
Isaiah 1-39 Barry L. Ross
Isaiah 40-66 Barry L. Ross
Jeremiah 1- 25 Alex Varughese
Jeremiah 26-52 Alex Varughese and Mitchel Modine
Ezekiel Brad Kelle
Daniel Jim Edlin
Hosea-Micah Timothy M. Green
Nahum-Malachi Laurie Braaten and Jim Edlin

GOSPELS - 6 Volumes
Matthew Robert Snow and Arseny Ermakov
Mark Kent Brower
Luke 1-9 David A. Neale
Luke 9-24 David A. Neale
John Laura C. Sweat
Acts Richard P. Thompson
EPISTLES - 14 Volumes
Romans 1- 8 William M. Greathouse with George Lyons
Romans 9- 16 William M. Greathouse with George Lyons
1 Corinthians Alex Deasley
2 Corinthians Frank Carver
Galatians George Lyons
Ephesians/Colossians/Philemon Robert Smith and Melanie S. Kierstead
Philippians Dean Flemming
1 & 2 Thessalonians Terence Paige
1 & 2 Timothy/Titus David A. Ackerman
Hebrews Kevin L. Anderson
James Jeanne Serrão
1 & 2 Peter/Jude Daniel Powers
1-3 John Rick Williamson
Revelation Carol Rotz