Developing Theological Imagination for Ministry: The Doctrine of Creation
Presenters: Tim Gaines & Shawna Songer Gaines

Ministry is imaginative work. The work we do grows out of the imagination that has been formed in us, so how can the beauty of Christian theology help shape our ministerial imagination? In this session, we’ll look at the doctrine of creation from an imaginative perspective, asking how this doctrine can allow our ministry to grow and thrive.

Developing Theological Imagination for Ministry: Re-Creation in Christ
Presenters: Tim Gaines & Shawna Songer Gaines

All things are being made new in Christ Jesus! In this session, we’ll allow this central confession of the Christian faith to go to work on our ministerial imagination. What would it look like to re-imagine our ministry in light of Christ’s re-creative work? Come prepared to learn, grow, and imagine.

Developing Theological Imagination for Ministry: God's Work in New Creation
Presenters: Tim Gaines & Shawna Songer Gaines

Can you imagine what might happen if your ministry became a participation in God’s renewal of all things? In this session, we’ll look at the classic Christian doctrine of eschatology (the study of end things) and imagine together how this rich and complex confession might be able to breathe creative and imaginative life into the ministry that we do before the return of Christ.

Reading the Bible
Presenter: Dan Boone

In forming the next generation of Christians, it is important to know how to read and interpret our defining narrative, the Bible. We’ll look at the way we read, interpret, and live out the Scriptures in a conflicted world.

Being Human
Presenter: Dan Boone

Our work of ministry is with human beings. What is a human, and what does it mean to be fully human? In this workshop, we’ll build a practicing theology of basic humanity.

Theology of Salvation in Kids
Presenter: Kyle Tyler

Can kids be Christians now, or are they just training to be Christians someday? Does the way we talk to kids about their faith present a strong Christology? Does the familiar language we use actually confuse kids? Let's explore our theology of salvation when it comes to kids and talk about a rich new language that can help us express, embrace, and get excited about salvation.

Helping Kids Make Biblical Discoveries
Presenter: Kyle Tyler

What if kids were excited about reading the Bible? Maybe we can help with that. Let's tap into kids' natural curiosity and talk about the ways that making biblical discoveries can become something they actually look forward to. We'll explore new tools to help make this happen and go behind the scenes of curriculum development to see how it can be something we're all doing together!

The Staff Table Is Round--Leading without Hierarchy
Presenter: Kyle Tyler and Robby Giffin

Our staff is different. We're weird. We don't have a CEO. We don't have a president. We've got a table full of pastors seeking to work within our strengths to lead well throughout our church. Get some ideas about how to bring this conversation back to your own staff table.

Helping Families Establish Healthy Rhythms in Ordinary Patterns: Part 1
Presenter: Margaret Tyler

Sometimes in search of the extraordinary, the power and influence of the ordinary are overlooked. In this workshop we’ll look at profound opportunities for discipling and passing faith along.
This session is designed for you, the children’s leader, to take home tools as the expert. Expect to leave equipped to share this workshop in your own setting, with families you serve!

Helping Families Establish Healthy Rhythms in Ordinary Patterns: Part 2
Presenter: Margaret Tyler

Sometimes in search of the extraordinary, the power and influence of the ordinary are overlooked. In this workshop we’ll continue to look at profound opportunities for discipling and passing faith along.
This session is designed for you, the children’s leader, to take home tools as the expert. Expect to leave equipped to share this workshop in your own setting, with families you serve!

The Tightrope of Children’s Worship
Presenter: Isaac Miller

Developing curriculum and a service for kids feels like walking a tightrope! We want to develop curriculum and a service that are both engaging for kids but also form and shape kids into disciples of Jesus. This workshop will explore the balance.

Prayer Stations for Young Worshippers–and You!
Presenters: Isaac Miller and Julie Stevens

Our time will be split between: 1) thinking about why and how to cultivate a passion for prayer in all God’s children and, 2) experiencing prayer stations. You will leave with multiple practical ideas and a plan for implementing prayer stations in worship services, Sunday school, prayer rooms, or at home.

Note: This room will be available for you to use as a prayer room throughout Ignite.

Entrepreneurship in Children's Ministry: Innovation for a New Era
Presenter: Dean Blevins

Our changing culture may require a new approach to bivocational children’s ministry. How might innovation and entrepreneurship reframe how we care for children and families that include efforts both within and beyond the church walls? This workshop describes different forms of innovation and how principles of entrepreneurship might change our approach to bivocational support.

Using the Church Calendar for Spiritual Formation in Family Worship
Presenter: Jessica Springer

There are specific rhythms in the church calendar that can be helpful in fostering deeper spiritual development in a child’s or family’s life. In this workshop, we will briefly look at the church calendar, the meaning behind each season, and provide practical ideas and resources for how to incorporate a more natural and organic movement in one’s spiritual walk.

Blending Generations: Incorporating Boomers into Children's Ministry
Presenter: Jessica Springer

It is essential for children and families to have older adults actively involved in their spiritual formation. However, we often struggle to find ways to incorporate the older generation in ways that bring meaning and intentionality to both young and old generations. In this workshop, we will look at practical ways that allow all generations to grow in vitality and effective discipleship.

Teaching the Bible for Life Change: Meta-Narrative and Curriculum Considerations
Presenter: Leon Blanchette

One of the many concerns of children’s ministry leaders is the randomness of many Sunday school and worship materials. One week the children are learning about Jonah and the next week Moses. Is there an answer to this randomness of teaching the Bible to children? The answer is yes! This workshop will explore options for systematic approaches to teaching the Bible to children so they see the big picture of Scripture and understand the amazing story of God.

Spiritual Formation of Children: Developing Spiritually Mature Children
Presenter: Leon Blanchette

One of the greatest desires of parents and Christian educators is to impact the lives of children so they enter into and live within a relationship with Christ. As leaders, we are often unsure how to accomplish this goal. This workshop is designed to help those who love children to learn how to meet them where they are and lead them into a spiritually mature relationship with Christ.

Communicate More Better 
Presenter: Jeremy Bond

Clunky communication prevents our ministry and message from living up to their potential. Don’t let clunkiness stand in your way! Learn some quick and practical tips to refine your speaking and preaching skills, personal interactions with parents, volunteer training, and methods of getting ministry info to parents and the church.

Eureka! In-Depth
Presenter: Jeremy Bond

Go deeper into the foundations that make up the Eureka! curriculum. Discover the thought process that went into each of the nine steps of a Eureka! lesson. We’ll even uncover some of the unique ways to customize Eureka! for your church. Let’s explore God’s Word and discover God’s love!

How Trauma Affects Children and Your Ministry
Presenter: Abby Alger

From healthcare to education, becoming trauma-informed is almost a necessity in today’s culture. Learn how trauma affects children and their worldview and how you can identify behaviors and areas of ministry most likely to be affected.

Living a Healthy Rhythm of Life
Presenter: Jenn Ballenger

This workshop will help name the struggles we face in ministry that cause us to be tired, frustrated, and burned out. We’ll look at the importance of practicing balance, rest, and Sabbath, and how to actually implement a healthy rhythm in the midst of a busy life and ministry.

Teaching with a Plan
Presenter: Jenn Ballenger

This workshop will focus on intentional teaching and discipleship for all ages. We will talk about the importance of starting with the end in mind and creating a long term teaching plan, and also how to create lessons that engage learners of all ages.

LGBT Care: Beliefs and Programming
Presenter: Ryan Lutz

How do we care for the LGBT individuals who will be part of our children's ministry? How do we define and honor our beliefs while still loving our neighbor as ourselves? Join us for a discussion that will provide resources for guidance and questions to consider.

Playing in God’s Story
Presenter: Mimi Keel

How do kids spell hospitality? P-L-A-Y! This workshop will explore play as a means of spiritual formation with children. Participants will discover the theological underpinnings of play and come away with practical ways to play in the narrative of God as told in Scripture. The ideas will be geared toward children from ages 1 to 10.

A Divine Interruption—The Difference Between Godly Hospitality and Worldly Hospitality
Presenter: Stephanie Parkison

What if there was another way to support an at-risk family? Safe Families for Children (SFFC) seeks to come alongside parents in crisis as they get back on their feet. SFFC is a national movement of compassion that is preventing child abuse and neglect by encouraging the church to resume its historical and biblical responsibility for vulnerable children.

Five Steps to Protect against Sexual Abuse
Presenter: Leslie Hart

A primary concern of millennial parents is that their children are safe. Let's talk about the top safety issue facing the church today and how to address it effectively.

Reaching Children through Ministry with Families
Presenter: Leslie Hart

To embrace the family as God’s primary vehicle for discipling children, we must intentionally engage three strategies:

  • Examine the effectiveness of past strategies.
  • Equip parents with new strategies, resources, and tools.
  • Empower families to experience discipleship together.
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