Your Kingdom Come, Small Group Bundle

A Study from the Holy Land
By: Multiple Authors
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Your kingdome come,

Your will be done...

Every day, in virtually every language, all around the world, believers in Christ pray these words. But do we understand what Jesus meant by his instruction to invoke the kingdom of God on earth? When we ask for God’s kingdom to come, what kind of kingdom are we praying into existence?

Join Timothy Green, Shawna Songer Gaines, and Timothy Gaines as they travel through the Holy Land, seeking to uncover the context within which Jesus taught about the kingdom of God. Together these biblical scholars explore the historical significance of ancient ruins and key archaeological sites that provide a framework for understanding one of the most important lines we pray routinely: Your Kingdom Come.

This 7-week small group study includes videos on location in the Holy Lands and a participant's guide with additional resources and reflection questions.

Session 1: What Kind of Kingdom? (6:11)

Session 2: Out of the Wilderness (4:49)

Session 3: Build a Palace or Build a Kingdom? (7:05)

Session 4: Foundation for a Kingdom (8:48)

Session 5: The Kingdom Is Arriving (7:52)

Session 6: The King and His Kingdom (8:01)

Session 7: Your Kingdom Come (3:43)


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