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Spring 2020
Coming Winter 2019 - 2020
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Product Summary

Each week, the Discovery Guide takes kids on an expedition to make life-changing discoveries about the Bible and their relationship with Jesus. Colorful, engaging characters lead kids through expeditions. Kids will connect with these characters and want to come back to follow their exploits and see what happens next.

Each student gets one handout for each lesson. Included in the student’s Discovery Guide is a take-home activity. Kids are more likely to engage with an activity at home once they’ve already invested themselves in a story during class.

If you are using Eureka! be sure to join the Eureka! Kids Curriculum Teachers and Leaders Facebook group to get support and share ideas and stories with other leaders.

Kids are curious. They want to figure it out, try it out, solve the problem, and uncover the mystery. They want to explore, learn, and discover things for themselves. Kids are more likely to remember and embrace a discovery they view as their own. Eureka! provides opportunities for faith discoveries to happen every week. Follow the curiosity of your kids and see where God leads!

Explore the ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus in the spring 2020 quarter. Kids will learn about the temptations that Jesus faced, his grief over the death of his friend Lazarus, and the opposition he encountered after healing a blind man on the Sabbath. Study the Sermon on the Mount and discuss how it applies to our today. Discover the meaning of Jesus’s death and the hope that is found in his resurrection. Continue to practice the hermeneutic (Bible study strategy) that is at the core of Eureka!—learning how to read the Bible and discover God’s love. 

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Product Details
Scope & Sequence
In this Curriculum
8 Products
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