Women Who Lead

The Call of Women in Ministry
By: Mary Rearick Paul
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    Mary Rearick Paul
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Let's face it; we need leaders. The Church is a place of ministry where not only males are needed, but females too. But sometimes, we're afraid. Will there be room for us in ministry? What will people's reactions be? Will we lose our femininity?

Women are called to a life in ministry, even leadership roles. God calls both men and women to guide Christians towards truth, understanding, love, and discipline. Mary Paul explores the obstacles that women face and the myths about women leadership that have been fed to both genders for generations. Women Who Lead uncovers them, reveals God's call to women for leadership, and celebrates all who are led to lead.

Talitha cum means Little girl, get up! in Aramaic. This book helps women everywhere know how to do just that.

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