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Why Me?, DVD + Book

Lessons for Faith Communities
By: Lawrence W. Wilson
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    Lawrence W. Wilson
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Suffering is a painful, lonely process. We want to escape it we try to escape it. But suffering is inevitable-even for Christians. It's easy to trust God when He answers our prayers the way we ask Him to or when our lives are happy and content. But when we experience or witness human suffering, it throw us off our guard. We consult experts, we cry out to God for answers, and often, we invent ideas and explanations when He fails to respond.

In Why Me?, Lawrence Wilson explains that it is not always possible to find easy answers to life's most difficult questions, but it is possible to find good and God in every circumstance, to experience joy alongside pain, and to live a good life in spite of the nagging question, Why Me?

In these engaging video lessons, Lawrence Wilson shares his powerful life story and how he has found joy in spite of a life of suffering. With honesty and insight he confronts the frustration that comes and questions that many ask, such as, Why has God allowed this to happen? How can this be fair? Is God really good? Am I important to Him at all? He inspires viewers to see through their suffering and pain to find the abundant life that Christ has given them.

This resource includes a copy of the book, Why Me?: Straight Talk About Suffering, and a DVD containing six, 10 minute video lessons that correspond to the book's various chapters. This combo package, part of the In Sight Media Series, is a great resource for adult Sunday School classes, small-group discussions, and sermon enhancement.

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