Too Much Stuff

Winning the War Against Clutter
By: Kathryn Porter

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    Kathryn Porter
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Product Summary

We love stuff. Clothes. Shoes. Make-up. Jewelry. Books. Pictures. Movies. Cds. Letters. Recipes. Magazines. STUFF! Our consumer-driven society is constantly enticing us to want more, and before we know it-it's just too much!

We collect things for someday-recipes we plan to bake, craft projects we want to create, or gifts we hope to give. Unfortunately, what begins as an innocent collection of odds and ends soon grows into heaping mounds of clutter and chaos. Before we realize it, clutter seeps in and sucks our time away, our peace of mind, and our freedom. And if we're not careful, our possessions end up owning us. Clutter mentally and physically sucks the life out of us and traps us in a life we were never meant to have...but there is hope.

In Too Much Stuff, author Kathryn Porter challenges us to dig into the clutter of our homes and attack the attitudes and behaviors that allow this chaos to immobilize us. While giving practical steps on how to de-clutter our homes, she shows us how to de-clutter our hearts by realizing that God loves us through the messes we make and has a plan for us that doesn't involve being confined to clutter.

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