The Inspirational Speaker's Resource

Tools for Reaching Your Audience Every Time
By: Stan Toler
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Product Summary

Study after study has shown that public speaking ability is the No. 1 factor that influences a person's ability to climb the career ladder. The ability to convey ideas clearly and persuasively in front of other people even outweighs who you know.

This resource is a gold mine for those who find themselves speaking, making a presentation for school, leading a class at church, giving a demonstration at work, or introducing a public event.

Stan will share his own proven methods as well as tips gathered from fellow speakers to help overcome the fear of public speaking, inspire listeners, and effectively convey the message.

An entire section is devoted to entertaining stories, inspirational quotations, top 10 lists, and amusing job descriptions that can be used to make your speech humorous, witty, and memorable. Turn a fear into an asset by spicing up your speech with these fabulous stories.

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