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The Covenant, DVD + Book

Lessons for Faith Communities
By: James L. Garlow
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One of the most powerful rituals in the ancient Hebrew culture was that of the blood covenant. This agreement united two individuals for a lifetime and meant that the most intense forms of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice had been exchanged. God chose to make this kind of covenant with Abraham in order to demonstrate His intense love for humanity and His deep desire to fellowship with His creation. By asking Abraham to perform the covenant ritual, God the Father and humanity were bonded for eternity.

This powerful Bible study will dramatically enrich your understanding of God's nature and love for His people and reveal a whole new appreciation for God's amazing story and the beautiful, incredible, breathtaking sacrifice that Christ made so God's covenant with us would not be broken.

In the video lessons, well-known author and speaker Jim Garlow explains, with passion and excitement, the importance and meaning of the Covenant ritual and shows how this ceremony provides the foundation for everything we believe. The powerful revelations he offers will impact and transform your life and forever change your understanding and appreciation of the Christian faith.

This resource includes a copy of the book, The Covenant: A Study of God's Extraordinary Love for You, and a DVD containing six, 10 minute video lessons that correspond to the book's various chapters. This combo package, part of the In Sight Media Series, is a great resource for adult Sunday School classes, small-group discussions, and sermon enhancement.

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