The Baal Conspiracy

An Expose' of Everyday Idolatry
By: Al Truesdale
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    Al Truesdale
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Compromised worship has serious roots—and serious consequences. The Israelites can vouch for that. Through an effort to have the best of both worlds, they spent centuries attempting to worship both Yahweh and the fertility god, Baal. With this misguided concept of the true God and true worship, the Israelites' lives became immersed in a conspiracy to maintain a love of God and a love of everyday gods.

In The Baal Conspiracy, author Al Truesdale exposes the truth behind what this Baal conspiracy meant for the Israelites: that God, in fact, cannot be denied or shared in any form of worship. With solid biblical scholarship, Truesdale employs historical fiction to explain and explore how Christians can confront and defeat the Baal conspiracy in the Church and in daily living.

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