Stay in the Yard

Rethinking the Limits of Personal Freedom
By: Brett Rickey
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    Brett Rickey
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No one likes to be told what to do. No one enjoys having limits placed on his or her personal freedom—especially when they are drawn for us by others who present them as interpretations of religious faith. Our culture has lost its moral compass, which has led both Christians and non-Christians to adopt a life of freedom that relies solely on personal choice and belief. They're choosing to live as they please, disregarding the norms set by past generations. Young and old alike challenge anyone to raise an objective standard and criticize anything labeled right or wrong. Yet, as many of us begin to raise children, we can't help but wonder if perhaps we're missing something. Could it be that true freedom comes from the protection that s found in obedience to the universal truths that generations before us have leaned on?

Stay in the Yard is not a book that promotes legalism or seeks to reestablish a puritanical approach to faith. Instead it helps readers identify a new source of hope in God's Word and strengthen their faith by recognizing that commitment to obedience is the only way to truly enjoy abundant life. Combining street level wisdom and humor with solid biblical truths, Brett Rickey explores the parameters of personal freedom and helps believers and non-believers understand that God's limits serve an important purpose and are there because He has our best interests in mind.

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