So This Is Faith

Becoming an Authentic Disciple of Christ
By: Kevin Stirratt
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    Kevin Stirratt
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Product Summary

New believers often have a lot of questions about their faith. They need help understanding the fundamental truths that lead to a solid foundation in Christ. Even seasoned believers sometimes need help fostering growth in their relationship with God.

So This Is Faith is a compelling resource that guides believers through their journey of faith to a deeper understanding of God and a more balanced, authentic relationship with Him. Designed to build on the basic questions of faith and then move to a deeper understanding of what it means to live as a Christian, So This Is Faith can be used for group or individual study. The beginning chapters explain the foundational truths of the Bible and explore who God is and the relationship He intended us to have with Him. Later chapters discuss the role Christ plays in reconnecting us to God and show how we can move beyond knowing about God to truly knowing Him. The book concludes by looking at the ways God chooses to restore His image in us.

Through the use of scriptures, questions, illustrations, and insights, So This Is Faith illuminates what a truly blessed life looks like and disciples believers as they grow and flourish in their faith.

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