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Named: Mary, Mother Of Jesus

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Product Summary

Talk about a roller-coaster life. Mary goes from being a pregnant social outcast, to the mother of God, to a parent steeped in grief, to a firm and devoted disciple of Jesus Christ. Not many people would say their lives could compare to that. And yet, the pattern of Mary's life follows a familiar road any Christian might recognize in varying detail. God radically reorients the life of a believer, and even the mother of God's own Son is not exempt from that reorientation.

The Mary, Mother of Jesus Small Group DVD includes:

  • Session 1: The Expectation (1:37)
  • Session 2: The Rift (1:41)
  • Session 3: The Release (1:23)
  • Session 4: The Unfolding (1:28)
  • Session 5: The Disillusionment (3:08)
  • Session 6: The Abiding (1:48)
  • Discussion Guide
  • 6 audio recordings (1 for each story)

When used with the companion workbook, the Mary, Mother of Jesus Small Group resource provides everything the facilitator needs to generate meaningful group discussions, helping people see the stories of the Bible—and themselves—in a whole new light.

Named is a small group resource that tells the stories of people from Scripture through a new lens—exploring the mystery of faith with a literary touch. Each series introduces six stories from the Bible, unpacking one every week. Become acquainted with the people identified by God in a story as particular as your own.

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