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Dancing with the Law, DVD + Book

Lessons for Faith Communities
By: Dan Boone
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Product Summary

Most of us don't like the word law, or anything resembling it.

However, the Old Testament people of God had a different take on law. They celebrated it. For the Old Testament people, law was something to revere, something to dance with.

In Dancing with the Law, authors Dan Boone and Amy Boone Tallman challenge us to, like the ancient people of God, look at law as a sacred gift that points the way to the life God intended. Through this earnest exploration of the Ten Commandments, they offer us a new perspective on law—one that makes us dance with freedom, liberty, and the gift of life.

As part of the inSIGHTmedia Series, this resource includes

  • A copy of the featured book, Dancing with the Law: The Ten Commandments
  • A DVD containing 10-minute video lessons, which correspond to the book's various chapters
  • A printable leader's guide—also included on the DVD—which will enhance group discussion and study

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