Rich Soil

Transforming Your Organization's Landscape for Maximum Effectiveness
By: Daniel J. Martin
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    Daniel J. Martin
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Product Summary

What kind of soil is your business planted in? Is it the unyielding soil of rigid and narrow thinking? Or is it the rocky ground of false starts and empty promises?

In today's fast-paced world, amid numerous competitors, leaders must know how to situate their organizations in environments that facilitate strategy, profitability, and ongoing success. They must recognize what it takes to have the Rich Soil necessary for their companies to thrive. Using a fictional story about a coffee house and its owner and incorporating Jesus's parable of the sower, Daniel Martin introduces eight valuable leadership principles, known by the acronym RICH SOIL. As the story unfolds, these principles are highlighted and clarified for learning and application.

This accessible resource is an excellent addition to the library of any manager, CEO, or executive director. Leaders of all kinds will be refreshed, encouraged, and challenged by the insights found here.

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