Raising Your Children's Children

Help for Grandparents Raising Grandkids
By: Martha Evans Sparks
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    Martha Evans Sparks
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Product Summary

Sometimes, people mess up. They get addicted to drugs or alcohol, abandon their child, or just leave. This book is for those who want to step in and help, specifically the grandparents of those abandoned.

Over six million children live in grandparent-headed households in the United States today. The number continues to rise. More than 80% of these cases occur because of drug or alcohol addiction. Grandparents raising grandchildren occurs in all ethnic and socio-economic groups.

But where do you start? There s court proceedings, lawyer bills, sometimes hospital bills, and not to mention emotional needs of the children and grandparents alike. Raising Your Children's Children is a first reader of fast, accurate answers to sudden questions from the world of child neglect and abuse, court proceedings, custody arrangements, and drug addiction grandparents never knew existed.

Your world may have just changed drastically, but you re not alone. Let us help.

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