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Winter 2019-20
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The pressure to teach perfectly melts away with the Eureka! Jr. Leader’s Guide. Providing consistent lesson structure, activities, and discussions to build confidence among students and leaders.

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Product Summary

Kids are curious. They want to figure it out, try it out, solve the problem, and uncover the mystery. They want to explore, learn, and discover things for themselves. Kids are more likely to remember and embrace a discovery they view as their own. Eureka! provides opportunities for faith discoveries to happen every week. Follow the curiosity of your kids and see where God leads!

Consistent lesson structure, activities, and discussions build confidence among students and leaders. Group storytelling methods are easy to lead and easy to master. Leaders are never asked to lecture, memorize scripts, or be amazing storytellers. The pressure to teach perfectly melts away.

Eureka! dives deep by equipping kids with the experience and confidence to read and explore the Bible. Two simple questions guide every exploration of Scripture. What’s that word? What's this say about God and us?

Kids and leaders are active and equal participants in Eureka! The pillars of each lesson are interactive storytelling activities, hands-on learning stations, and discussion. Leaders guide kids through the process of digging into Scripture, listening to their peers, and exploring ideas that come up during a lesson. Everyone has ownership in the exploring and learning process.

If you are using Eureka! be sure to join the Eureka! Kids Curriculum Teachers and Leaders Facebook group to get support and share ideas and stories with other leaders.

In this quarter, explore the birth of Jesus and the miracles Jesus performed. You and your students will discover that Jesus was sent from God and was often opposed by the leaders of his time. Explorations will place kids in the shoes of the child whose lunch fed 5,000 and in the tree with Zacchaeus on the day his life changed. The scriptures studied during the weeks of Advent are inspired by the Revised Common Lectionary. Your class will continue to practice the hermeneutic (Bible study strategy) that is at the core of Eureka! Jr.

These two “what” questions make up the foundation of a strong Bible study strategy (hermeneutic) and form the fabric of Eureka! Jr. It won’t be long before your kids have these down pat.

What’s that word? We explore a key word in the passage. Kids have much more confidence during expeditions when they know the meaning of the words.

What’s this say about God and us? God reveals himself through the Bible. We explore the Bible in order to know God. God teaches us about himself and his love throughout the Bible. As we learn about God and embrace his love for us, how do we react? What are we to do? Who are we? How do we live in God’s love?

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