Our Church, Your Home

Our Church, Your Home, Participant's Guide

An Introduction to Church Membership
Participant's Guide, Pack of 5
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Product Summary

Many people wonder why they should join a church. After all isn't it more important that people have a personal relationship with Jesus? Isn't the body of Christ greater than any one denomination? The answers to these questions are not as simple as they seem and they only embrace part of what it means to be Christian. Becoming a member of a church encompasses so much more.

Joining a church expresses a serious willingness and commitment to walk faithfully in the company of other believers-living and loving in community. Our Church, Your Home is a basic introduction to church membership for anyone interested in joining the Church of the Nazarene.

In 3 sessions, this study will cover how and why the Church of the Nazarene began, the core values of the denomination, the 16 Articles of Faith, and how you can begin to participate and serve in the ministry of your local church.

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