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NBBC, Psalms 1-72

A Commentary in the Wesleyan Tradition
By: David Thompson
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    David Thompson
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Product Summary

Engaging, perceptive, and academically thorough, the New Beacon Bible Commentary will expand your understanding and deepen your appreciation of the meaning and message of each book of the Bible.

Written from the Wesleyan theological perspective, this indispensable commentary provides pastors, professional scholars, teachers, and Bible students with a critical, relevant, and inspiring interpretation of the Word of God in the 21st century.

Perhaps no other book of the OT is more beloved, more widely used, and more often interpreted than Psalms. Psalms 1-72 is the first of two volumes on this treasured collection of hymns, praises, and prayers.

With scholarly precision, David Thompson brings to the forefront the meaning of each psalm, describing its background and original function in the life of God s people. He then skillfully steers the reader toward present-day applications, displaying a keen grasp of what the psalms mean in the light of Christ s coming. Through this commentary, pastors, worship leaders, teachers, and laypeople can gain increased insight into how each psalm best fits in worship, ministry, and daily life. Biblically sound and thoroughly relevant, this commentary is an essential guide to the church s most important book of prayer and song.

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