The Named Series

Named: The Patriarchs

A Workbook for Individuals and Small Groups
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The path of faith is not an easy one to walk. For the men of The Patriarchs, it meant facing oppression, challenging cultural norms, and diligently waiting to see God's promises fulfilled.

Through stories, insights and questions of The Patriarchs, you'll discover not only how God moved in the lives of these flawed yet obedient men, but how he moves in us today when we, too, choose faith.

The Patriarchs include Noah, Moses, Jacob, Abraham, Joshua, and Joseph.

Named is a small-group resource that tells the story of people from Scripture through a new lens--exploring the mystery of faith with a literary touch. Each series introduces six different characters in the Bible--unpacking one every week. Become acquainted with the people identified by God in a story as particular as you. 

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