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Named: The Followers

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They are among the first to recognize Jesus for who he really is. And, like us, they have a choice - to walk away from this challenging life of faith, or to embrace it joys, hardships, uncertainties, and all.

Sometimes we all need to be shown what to do, and whom we follow often says as much about us as about the leader. The people in The Followers all look to Jesus to know what to do with their lives. But because of his presence and the changing work that his sacrifice creates in their lives, they know exactly where they are headed.

The Followers DVD includes:

  • Session 1: Mary (2:22)
  • Session 2: Mary Magdalene (2:11)
  • Session 3: Stephen (2:31)
  • Session 4: Barnabas (4:01)
  • Session 5: Luke (3:21)
  • Session 6: Paul (1:47)
  • Discussion Guide
  • 6 audio recordings (1 for each story)

Named is a small group resouce that tells the stories of people from Scripture through a new lens-exploring the mystery of faith with a literary touch. Each series introduces six different characters in the Bible, unpacking one every week. Become acquianted with the people identified by God in a story as particular as your own.

Product Details
1 Product
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