Missional Essentials

A Guide for Experiencing God's Mission in Your Life
By: Multiple Authors
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Product Summary

While it s en vogue to use the word missional in church circles, many people struggle to know what it means or how to live it out.

Missional Essentials is written to help followers of Christ rediscover the heart of God for their neighborhoods and communities. This DVD includes twelve 3-6 minute videos for cultivating a missional life and mobilizing a faith community to participate more fully in God s mission.

Sessions included on DVD:

  • Introduction: Cultivating Missional Living
  • Week 1: His Nature (4:57)
  • Week 2: His Way (4:54)
  • Week 3: Joining His Purposes (5:05)
  • Week 4: Turning His Way (6:11)
  • Week 5: Hear O Church (5:06)
  • Week 6: The Past is Now (5:34)
  • Week 7: Red Light, Green Light (6:52)
  • Week 8: Waking Up from the American Dream (4:46)
  • Week 9: Like a Good Neighbor (3:27)
  • Week 10: Mi Casa Es Su Casa (4:26)
  • Week 11: Cheers (5:39)
  • Week 12: Taking it to the Streets (3:17)

This study is ideal for existing leadership teams that are engaging the missional conversation, small groups interested in exploring the paradigms and biblical directives for missional community, and church planting core teams seeking a missional DNA in their faith context.

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