The Mommy Survival Guide

Making the Most of the Mommy Years
By: Barbara Curtis
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    Barbara Curtis
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Product Summary

Love is a commitment.

Motherhood may be the best job in the world but it is definitely not the easiest. Sleepless nights, hectic mornings, and activity packed evenings make mommyhood a 24-hours-a-day/7-days-a-week job. And even though patience and organization may be part of the job requirements, the implementation of these traits is often easier said than done. Most mommys are just looking for a way to survive.

Barbara Curtis, well-known author and mother of twelve, understands first-hand the struggles and frustrations of motherhood and has spent 36 years fine tuning the key traits of this demanding job.

In The Mommy Survival Guide, Curtis shares mothering techniques that have proven effective for her large family and that are guaranteed to equip mommys with the tools they need to mother successfully. Providing practical, insightful advice on a variety of topics from sleep deprivation to encouraging and embracing individuality among children, she reminds mothers that the key to being a great mom is learning to put your children first-which will lead to a greater joy and satisfaction as you spend time with them. Filled with activities, recipes, inspirational quotes, and useful encouragement, The Mommy Survival Guide gives mothers the materials they need to not only survive the mommy years but to truly enjoy them--making happy memories with their children that will last a lifetime.

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