The Book of Saints

A collection of stories, prayers, and Scripture selections from church leaders and teachers who came before us.

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Product Summary

Families are living stories. They tell us where we came from, guide us as we live our lives, and help us see who we could become. Especially priceless are the lives and words of those who came before us.

From Christ-followers living near the time of the apostles to the early defenders of the faith, we are enriched by the wise advice and inspiring examples of our Christian ancestors. In the face of heresy and persecution, these saints lived lives faithful to the gospel story.

The Book of Saints series are devotional gateways to the thoughts and insights of church leaders and teachers who lived before us. Living in a pagan world, much like our own, these saintly persons have much to say to us today. Their words and life stories, along with prayers and Scripture selections, are brought together in this book to inspire and challenge us to a life of love and holiness, the great themes of our family story.

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