Quiet Moments for Grandmothers

Scriptures, Meditations, & Prayers
By: Kay Marshall Strom
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    Kay Marshall Strom
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Product Summary

When many of you picture a grandmother you may still envision a gray-headed matronly woman with a bun and support hose, poised in the kitchen baking cookies or patiently knitting in a rocking chair. It's true that some grandmothers are traditionalists who bake and knit, but there are many others who go to the office every day or own their own businesses. They color their hair, serve frozen dinners and some even play racquetball or run marathons. Some are fortunate to live close enough to their grandchildren to have a regular part in their lives but many have to settle for long distance grandparenting. Regardless of their situations, grandmothers still need a quiet moment here and there--a time to reflect on their blessings and renew their souls.

Quiet Moments for Grandmothers offers twenty-first century grandmothers thoughtful readings and insightful reflections that will inspire and equip them to make a real difference in the lives of their grandchildren. Filled with relevant Scripture passages, heartfelt prayers, and poignant stories, the 90 devotions in this book help grandmothers slow down, reflect, and focus on Christ and His strength and comfort--and in turn pass on His peace to the children they hold most dear.

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