Prodigal in the Parsonage

Encouragement for Ministry Leaders Whose Child Rejects Faith
By: Judi Braddy
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    Judi Braddy
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Product Summary

Parenting is seldom easy. Rebellion may invade the home, forcing parents to recognize and cope with it. But how do parents maintain their peace of mind when rebellion turns into a rejection of faith, especially when the rejection is in the home of a minister?

Judi Braddy is an ordained minister and pastor's wife who understands this question and knows firsthand the pain and suffering of watching a beloved child walk away from God. Prodigal in the Parsonage offers parents, especially those in ministry, an insider's perspective and time-tested encouragement for struggling with the daily trials that come when their child rejects faith.

Braddy addresses topics such as whether or not you can be an effective minister if your own family is in disarray, dealing with the stages of grief as your child slips further from the faith, and remembering that the child is not the enemy. Prodigal in the Parsonage offers the insight and encouragement parents need to endure the grief and anxiety of parenting a prodigal.

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