Maximum Integrity

Leadership Insights from the Psalms
By: Jerry Brecheisen
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    Jerry Brecheisen
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Product Summary

Great leaders don't develop overnight. Becoming great requires the guidance, support, and wisdom of others who model outstanding leadership behavior. Christian leaders need individuals they can respect and imitate which can be hard to find in a world where being successful doesn't always mean commanding with character. David, the great king of Israel and major writer of the Psalms, is one of the greatest leaders in history. His writings offer us a window into this heart-the heart of a shepherd, a king, and most of all God's servant.

In Maximum Integrity, Stan Toler and Jerry Brecheisen look at several of the psalms especially suited for the moods and needs of leaders and share insights born from the times when, during their own life journeys, they paused and allowed themselves to be changed by the words of King David. Using David's life as a model--including his leadership techniques and personal triumphs and failures--Toler and Brecheisen offer Christian principles and strategies for leaders to meditate on and live by. Maximum Integrity provides leaders with practical ways to apply the teachings of the ancient psalms to their lives today and encourages them to remember to trust God to help direct and care for them--no matter what the situation may be.

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