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A children's curriculum that equips kids with lifelong confidence to explore the Bible even when adults aren’t looking.

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Product Summary

Eureka: the moment when a child discovers a whole new way to read and understand the Bible. The moment when Scripture comes alive with the love of God.

Eureka! disciples kids by teaching them the fundamentals of studying God’s Word—not only so they can grow in their faith today but also to equip them with the skills they’ll need to study the Bible throughout their lives.

A lot of children’s curriculum tells kids what they need to learn at the beginning of the lesson, and then they’ll study a Bible story to prove it. Eureka! flips that script. It presents a passage of Scripture, gives them the steps they need to explore the passage, and then challenges them to find out what the passage says about God and about us.

Eureka! equips kids with a lifelong biblical hermeneutic. In school playground terms, Eureka! gives kids the confidence to explore the Bible even when adults aren’t looking.

The five “what” questions make up the foundation of a strong Bible study strategy (hermeneutic) and form the fabric of Eureka! It won’t be long before your kids have these down pat.

What’s that word? We explore different words in the passage. Kids have much more confidence during expeditions when they know the meaning of the words.

What’s happening in the passage? We explore the people, setting, and action of the passage. We want to understand it and enjoy it.

What’s happening in the Bible? We explore a different Bible passage to give us context for our original passage. We look to see God’s big story unfolding in front of us.

What’s this say about God? God reveals himself through the Bible. God teaches us about himself and his love throughout the Bible.

What’s this say about us? As we learn about God and embrace his love for us, how do we react? Who are we? How do we live in God’s love?

Eureka! spends two weeks on each lesson to review these five questions and reinforce learning this biblical hermeneutic. This allows for the time to really dig deep in a passage and give kids the opportunity to ask necessary questions and spending time figuring out how it connects to their lives today.

From teacher preparation to student engagement and teaching philosophy, Eureka! is a game changer.

Kids are curious. They want to figure it out, solve the problem, and uncover the mystery. They want to explore, learn, and discover things for themselves. Kids are more likely to remember and embrace a discovery they view as their own. Kids will connect with the colorful and engaging characters and want to come back to follow their exploits and see what happens next. Eureka! provides opportunities for faith discoveries to happen every week. Follow the curiosity of your kids and see where God leads!

This curriculum is designed with all three age levels—Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, and Older Elementary—studying the same passage of Scripture each week. This means that kids in the same families go home sharing discoveries from the same passage of Scripture in their own age-appropriate ways.

If you are using Eureka! be sure to join the Eureka! Kids Curriculum Teachers and Leaders Facebook group to get support and share ideas and stories with other leaders.

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