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At The Foundry Kids we create tools for kids to discover, explore, and connect with God’s Word every day.

3 Ways to Teach by Discovery
"These are the discipleship moments that keep us going. So how can we experience them on a regular basis?"
An Advent Resource for Kids

Guide kids through the themes of Advent--Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace. These themes are introduced in the Born the King storybook and presented in a way that encourage kids to engage with Advent in a new way.

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Born the King
Born the King: A Children's Ministry Resource
All new children's curriculum!

Eureka! equips kids from preschool to 5th grade with a lifelong biblical hermeneutic. In school playground terms, Eureka! gives kids the confidence and fundamentals they need to study the Bible even when adults aren't looking. 

Eureka!: That moment when a child discovers a whole new way to read and understand the Bible. That moment when Scripture comes alove with the love of God. 

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New in Children’s Ministry
My Relationship with Jesus
My Baptism Story
Inside the Transformative World of Children's Ministry
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