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A Thrill of Hope
Order an Advent storybook for kids!

A Thrill of Hope storybook gives kids an interactive way to experience the hope of Advent through the story of an 8-year-old girl living in Bethlehem, an Advent calendar, and coloring pages. 

Packs of 5 are available for your children's ministry!

Return encouraged, inspired and full of great ideas for your children's ministry!

Whether you need 101-level guidance, like how to start a preteen ministry, or more advanced coaching, like sustainable self-care for career pastors, the Ignite Children's Leadership Conference is the place for training.

Workshop topics and opportunities include:

  • Ministering to Millennial Parents
  • Sharable Parables: Creative Storytelling Explosion
  • The Place of the Children's Sermon in Congregational Worship
  • The Volunteer Factory
  • First 100 Days of Children's Ministry
  • and so many more!

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