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Illustrated Bible Life

Spring 2019
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Enrich your Bible study time with Illustrated Bible Life—a full-color resource magazine designed specifically to complement Adult Faith Connections LeaderIBL provides verse-by-verse commentary on the Bible passages for each week and includes articles addressing the cultural, historical, archaeological, and theological backgrounds of the Scripture passages being studied.

With Illustrated Bible Life, go deeper into each week's lesson by studying theological underpinnings, learning about the culture and context of Bible times, and exploring the history behind every Bible story.

Also, with the purchase of Illustrated Bible Life, you have access to for FREE, where you can receive online access to articles for each session, verse-by-verse commentaries, weekly audio articles, and illustrations and photos. 

The apostle Paul's letters to the Philippians and Ephesians include some difficult theological concepts as well as cultural allusions from the ancient world that may be puzzling to modern readers. Along with commentary by Wesleyan scholars, we'll encounter several in-depth articles about Paul's theology, including the end times and submission in marriage. In addition, we'll learn about financial and military practices in the ancient world. And we'll examine Paul's prayer life and learn how to apply these insights to our own devotional lives.

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