id. Nazarene Membership for Kids, Student Pack

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Product Summary

id. is a 5-week program designed to teach third through sixth graders the significance and meaning of membership in a church. They will explore what it means to be a follower of Christ including their place in the Universal Church. The program will also focus on important Nazarene doctrine such as holiness, the Articles of Faith and the three Core Values.

The id. Student Pack includes all five student booklets. Each booklet uses fun activities to explore a different aspect of being a member of a church. Order one Student Pack per student.

Booklet 1: This Is My Church!
Booklet 2: This Is It!
Booklet 3: This Is Not It!
Booklet 4: This Is for Me!
Booklet 5: This Is for Life!

Product Details
1 Product
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