How to Plan a Funeral

And Other Things You Need to Know When a Loved One Dies
By: Liz Cowen Furman
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Product Summary

No one wants to think about planning a funeral; and the logistics of burial costs, memorial options, and writing an obituary are the last things on your mind when a loved one is nearing death. But at some point in life, most of us will have to face the grim task of laying someone to rest.

How to Plan a Funeral provides practical instruction and insight to help you manage the difficult and sometimes, overwhelming choices, arrangements, and responsibilities that must be handled after a loved one dies. It includes information on burial and cremation costs; buyer advice and what to avoid; ideas for celebrating the life of your loved one; ways to support others who are grieving; and more.

Resources include:

  • An overview of the embalming and cremation processes
  • Burial and cremation options
  • Approximate costs and buyer beware tips
  • Instructions for writing a eulogy and obituary
  • Ideas for ways to celebrate the deceased
  • Service ideas, music and photo suggestions, order of service templates, and planning worksheets
  • Suggestions for providing comfort and support to grieving family members, including children
  • A glossary of terms related to death and funerals

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