Will your primary focus still be the Church of the Nazarene?

Yes. We remain deeply committed to our denominational mandate to serve our pastors, leaders, and congregations with the finest Wesleyan-Holiness resources available. This includes Sunday school curriculum for all ages, small group materials, pastoral ministry resources, commentaries and textbooks, children’s resources, and music from Lillenas Publishing.


Why a new name?

In an ever-unfolding story, God has gifted NPH with a new beginning. With this fresh start comes a unique opportunity to forge new relationships and offer our unique Nazarene voice to the larger Christian conversation. We live in a changing culture, but the purpose of Nazarene Publishing House to proclaim the transformational message of holiness remains.

How will The Foundry Publishing be different from NPH?

The church lives in a new day and a changing time. The mission of The Foundry Publishing will be to empower people with life-changing ways to engage in the mission of God.

As the world’s leading publisher of Wesleyan-Holiness resources, we are called to give voice to a radically optimistic theology of transformation. We have set our new course with the same values we have always cherished, yet we are now able to be more nimble, responsive, collaborative, and connected to our partners in ministry.

Will The Foundry Publishing be your international brand?

No. In order to eliminate brand confusion and to reinforce our commitment to the international community, Nazarene Publishing House will remain our imprint for resources outside North America.

How did you choose the name The Foundry?

Our new name is a multi-layered metaphor that comes with a rich Wesleyan history. In 1739, John Wesley established the Foundry Church in the remnants of an abandoned cannon forge on the outskirts of London. The Foundry Church became the cradle of a new holiness theology as members made loans to the needy, provided medical care to the sick, established a school, and housed widows and orphans. This commitment to justice and compassion forged in the Foundry Church has long reflected our vision at Nazarene Publishing House.

For more than a century, NPH has served as a foundry of a different sort, setting hot type and pressing ink to paper in order to share a theology of hope and love that transforms communities and cultures—one heart at a time.

“The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, and the Lord tests hearts.” Proverbs 17:3 (ESV)

Will the publishing house phone number remain the same?

Yes, our mailing address and phone number have not changed. Our mailing address is still PO BOX 419527, KANSAS CITY, MO 64141 and we can be reached by calling 1-800-877-0700.

Will I still receive my order blank mailing for curriculum?

Yes, you will still receive an order blank mailing each quarter. Beginning in March 2018 your order blank mailing will be branded The Foundry Publishing.

Will Adult Faith Connections curriculum still be available?

The Faith Connections name and availability will not change. Beginning in March 2018 Faith Connections will be branded The Foundry Publishing. We are excited to offer an updated and streamlined methodology, new media including teaching videos and podcasts, as well as additional resources.

What will happen to Beacon Hill Press of Kansas City, Barefoot Ministries, and WordAction?

In February 2018, these brands will transition to The Foundry Publishing, and all children's resources will become The Foundry Kids.

Will Lillenas change its name?

Lillenas will not change its name.

Where do I go to order resources?

You can still order resources at NPH.com, wordaction.com, barefootonline.com, and beaconhillbooks.com. Beginning in February 2018, all resources will be found in one location at TheFoundryPublishing.com. At that time, all NPH websites will automatically redirect you to the new website.