Devotions for Sunday School Teachers 2

By: David Graves
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    David Graves
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Leading a Sunday School class isn't easy. Sunday School teachers stay up late on Saturday nights preparing lessons, show up early at church every Sunday without fail, and often spend a large portion of their lesson focusing children's attention or mediating adult discussions. It's a commitment that requires dedication, sacrifice, and patience, but they faithfully serve every week because they know the eternal impact of their labors. Introducing a friend to the love of Christ, helping teenagers improve their self-worth, instilling biblical truth and God's love in the hearts and minds of little children-this is why they serve.

Devotions for Sunday School Teachers 2 is a collection of short devotionals designed to challenge, uplift, and inspire Sunday School teachers and small-group leaders. Authors Stan Toler, John Baldwin, and David Graves use their varied Sunday School experiences to share words of comfort and offer guidance, insight, and even a little humor in order to help teachers renew their commitment to serve and rediscover the joys of teaching the children of God.

Devotions for Sunday School Teachers and Devotions for Sunday School Teachers 2 are perfect for gift-giving and offer teachers opportunities to read, meditate, and pray for a short time on Sunday morning before class starts or use the included Scriptures and stories to supplement their own lessons.

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