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Follow Dr. Digalot and Canteen the Camel as they dig into the book of Acts.

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Important Note! As The Foundry Publishing transitions to a new distributor, we recommend that customers who typically order Children's Quizzing materials during October and November place their orders no later than September 14, 2018, to ensure their order isn’t placed on temporary backorder through the end of the year. 

Children's Quizzing is a six-year Bible study program with a competition element, designed for school-age children. This year, students will be studying the book of Acts. Through active learning, the stories will come to life as children learn and understand scripture. Students will follow Dr. Digalot and Canteen the Camel as they dig into the Word and discover Biblical truths.

Activities are specifically geared to help children immerse themselves in the ancient world, learning what life was like for Jesus and His disciples. Each week children build their spiritual vocabulary as they incorporate FAITH WORDS into their everyday lives. Characteristics of God are revealed in each weekly Dig Site to help children learn who God is, what He is like, and how He interacts with people.

Spread God’s Word is the theme for Studies in Acts. Through inductive Bible study and fun activities, Dr. Digalot and Canteen "time warp" back to Bible times and travel with Peter, Stephen, Paul, and many other Christians who helped spread God’s Word across the world. Kids will learn about the trials and struggles these Christians went through as they shared God’s Word. They will see how the work of the early church paved the way for us to hear and follow God’s Word today.

Along the way, Dr. Digalot and Canteen discover the importance of sharing God’s Word!

Quizzing Schedule:

Studies in Acts (2018-19)
Studies in Genesis (2019-20)
Studies in Exodus (2020-21)
Studies in Joshua, Judges, and Ruth (2021-22)
Studies in 1 & 2 Samuel (2022-23)
Studies in Matthew (2023-24) 

These six books were chosen because together they give the overall chronology of God's chosen people, the Israelites, and a "snapshot" of the Bible.

  • The series begins with the Creation account, the first people, and the Patriarchs (Genesis).

  • It continues with the Israelites living in and leaving Egypt (Exodus), and follows them as they establish themselves in Canaan (Joshua, Judges, & Ruth, and 1 & 2 Samuel).

  • The two New Testament books center on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus (Matthew), and tell how the gospel of salvation came to the Gentiles (Acts).

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