Faith for Life: College & Young Adult

College & Young Adult Leader's Guide

Fall 2019
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Product Summary

Challenge young adults to explore their faith during this question-asking, decision-making, and integrity-building stage of life.

Each leader's guide includes reproducible handouts for students.  

This quarter:

Unit 1: The Fine Art of Friendship:  Many people believe that friendship depends on meeting the right people; but God tells us in His Word that true friendship depends on being the right person. So that, the basic principle of true friendship is not who we know, but who we are. During this unit we will explore the fine art of friendship.

Unit 2: The Divine Call: A major aspect of God’s revelation is that He calls. God calls us to salvation and to special works of service. This unit will deal with special aspects of God’s call to humanity.

Unit 3: Christ and the Cross: This unit focuses on the significance of Jesus’ death for our life, and the importance of our daily dying and taking up our cross for His ongoing witness through us to a lost and dying world.

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