Coffee Shop Theology

Translating Doctrinal Jargon Into Everyday Life
By: Frank Moore
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    Frank Moore
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Product Summary

More than ever before, Christians must know what we believe and why. The reason is simple but serious. In a world where most ways of thinking are considered equally true regardless of how unscriptural they may be or how odd they may sound, if our anchor isn't set in a rock-solid theology, we'll be washed out to sea on the riptide of bogus beliefs. Finally, here is a readable, understandable book that explains theological concepts and brings them into focus for everyday living. In Coffee Shop Theology Dr. Frank Moore covers a wide array of theological concepts and brings them by the digestible handfuls into your living room. Don't be turned off the the word theology. Dr. Moore has left all the big words in the fat books.

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Table of Contents
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