God's Road Map for Us

The Plan of Holiness
Book 1: The Holy Life Bible Study Series
By: Frank Moore
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Product Summary

The Holy Life Bible Study Series is designed to help Christians understand the meaning of holiness. Author Frank Moore addresses real-life topics facing Christians who are struggling to live the holy life in our fallen world. Although the series is designed to introduce the concept of holiness, people who have been Christians for many years will also gain spiritual insight from these Bible studies.

A practical, step-by-step approach to teach the concept of holiness.

Each book in The Holy Life Bible Study Series includes thought-provoking reflection questions to stimulate discussion in a small-group study setting.

God's Road Map for Us outlines the plan of holiness.

The Journey Within describes the individual's walk along the path of holiness.

In Traveling with Friends, Moore challenges Christians to work toward community as they become God's holy people together.

The fourth book, Serving Others Along the Road, commissions Christians to reveal Christ's love through holy living.


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Product Details
3 Products
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