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Spring 2020
Coming Winter 2019 - 2020
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Product Summary

Eureka! disciples kids by teaching them the fundamentals of studying God’s Word—not only so they can grow in their faith today but also to equip them with the skills they’ll need to study the Bible throughout their lives.

With the help of Sir Neil and his trusty sidekick, Pam the Alpaca, kids will be led on an expedition each week. From the audio journal of Sir Neil to the decoder message, kids are brought into the adventure! As the story of God comes alive, Eureka! equips kids with the experience and confidence to read and explore the Bible, making new faith discoveries each week.

With the purchase of the Expedition Resources Kit, leaders will get access to extra resources for their children’s ministry leaders and volunteers. These extras can be downloaded and streamed in classrooms from

Expedition Resources Kit includes:

Class Relic and Wall Poster: The class will look at all of their discoveries from the two weeks spent on each lesson and decide on a relic that represents their discoveries. The Relic Wall Poster will display the discovered class relics like a trophy case, helping the class keep track of the discoveries they’ve made over the past weeks together.

Older Elementary DVD:

3 Remember Verse Videos:These memory verse videos offer a creative way to engage kids as they learn the monthly Bible memory verse. Having a monthly memory passage instead of a weekly passage allows less consistent kids the chance to memorize the same passage as everyone else.

12 Sir Neil’s Audio Journals of Feats and Braveness: These audio journal entries are designed to engage the kids as soon as they arrive in class. Kids will look forward to hearing about Sir Neil’s adventures each week.

3 Music Videos: These music videos create character connection and reinforce the building blocks of the curriculum.

  • Eureka! Theme Song
  • The 5 What's Song
  • Savior, King, and Friend Song

Older Elementary CD:

These audio stories and songs are placed on both the DVD and CD for convenience.

3 Remember Verse Songs
12 Sir Neil’s Audio Journals of Feats and Braveness
3 Eureka! Songs

Product Details
Scope & Sequence
In this Curriculum
8 Products
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