Renewal of Our Minds

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Renewal of Our Minds
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Product Summary

For those who do not follow the quarterly curriculum calendar or who are looking for specific topics and passages to cover in a weekly small group or mid-week session, these Faith for Life downloadable studies are smaller, unit-based, small group series from our popular Faith for Life youth curriculum. Written by youth ministry professionals and pastors, The Passion of Christ is approachable and equips leaders with the resources they need to connect with students.

During this study, students will look at the final days in the life of Jesus.

Lesson 1: Renewal of Our Minds

Lesson 2: Learn While You Are Young

Lesson 3: Shaped By God's Word

Lesson 4: The Wise and the Foolish

Lesson 5: When We Are Tempted

Lesson 6: Questioned and Challenged

With an intuitive, easy-to-teach lesson structure, Faith for Life offers a Wesleyan perspective on Scripture and faith while providing interactive and engaging experiences and discussions for students.

Lessons include Bible commentary, along with explanations of the terms and meanings of Wesleyan theology.

Each lesson provides flexibility by including options for teachers to customize the lesson to personality and teaching style.

Product Details
11 Products
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