Children's NMI Book Set 2019-20 (6 Books)

6 Books with Reading Chart
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Product Summary

Six missions books plus a reading chart to keep a record of the books each child has read.

All-Reader Books
A Boat for Panama by Kim Davis
God used the children of the Colorado District to answer the prayers of a need for a boat to share the gospel in Panama and in the lives of the indigenous people of Kuna. While this is a true story, the characters from the family and church in the USA are altered to draw children into the story and empha¬size how God uses people of all ages to bring others to Christ.

Mama’s Song by Anna Derbyshire
Michael is a boy in South Sudan, Africa. His mother sings her children a song about trusting Jesus that influences Michael in a profound way throughout his life. Michael Gatkek, currently serves as US/Canada Coordinator of Sudanese Nazarene Ministries, Founder/President of African Relief Ministries and Founder of Nuer Christian Mission Network.

Nally-Enska’s Dream Comes True by Lynne Chambers
This book is fiction but based on facts and highlights the transformation of an underprivileged village in the mountains of Haiti through child sponsor¬ship. This transformation is achieved through the local Nazarene congregation which launches a school, and through a missionary who introduces musical instruc¬tion and instruments.

Advanced Books
After the Storm by Cheryl Crouch
This book is based on a compilation of true sto¬ries. While at a Mavericks game, a tornado takes out Hayden’s home, the parsonage, and the sanctuary of their church. During the difficult aftermath, Hayden is deeply moved by the response of the church. A year later, when Hayden hears hurricanes are headed for Houston, he joins with his church, district, & region to gather Crisis Care Kits. With God’s help, CCKs make it all the way to Puerto Rico—in a surprise twist involving the Mavericks.

The Case of the Lost Lamb by Wes Eby
This book is a sequel to the children’s missions book for 2018-19, The Case of the Missing Cross. It is based on true Nazarene missions work in the Navajo Nation. It includes factual information about some places and the cul¬ture of the Navajo people. While information about tentmaker missionaries is true, the Elvin and Yazzie families and the plot about the lost lamb and subplots have been added and fiction¬alized to make the story more readable for children.

The Mystery of the Orange Wristbands by Tami Brumbaugh
This is a fictional account of the true story of teams serving in Indianapolis through One Heart Many Hands and the Shepherd Community Church. A young family is evicted from their apartment so they cram their belongings into their car. The car breaks down in Indianapolis, and the family finds shelter in an abandoned house. The teams from One Heart Many Hands serving in the neighborhood lead the family to the hope and help they need.

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