When Goliath Doesn't Fall

By: Jody Conrad
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    Jody Conrad
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Product Summary

Sometimes, no matter how hard you pray, babies die.

Sometimes, no matter how much you trust God, doctors find cancer.

Houses catch on fire; tornados demolish entire communities; and terrorists successully crash airplanes into buildings.

What happens to our faith when our giants defeat us?

In this honest exploration of faith, Jody Conrad pulls away the mask of Christianity and admits to the ugliness of real life. With compassion and understanding, she joins you in life's trenches and tells you about the unconditional and strangely hopeful worship of the prophet Habakkuk.

Her eloquent words and encouraging insights will lead you to a different kind of deliverance and will help you cultivate a beautiful, wild faith that still worships, still rejoices, still sings of the joys of heaven--even when Goliath doesn't fall.

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