A Thrill of Hope

A Thrill of Hope

An Advent Devotional
By: Multiple Authors
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A thrill of hope—the weary world rejoices,
For yonder breaks a new and glorious morn!

Hope is a word we see sprinkled throughout messages of the holiday season on Christmas cards, coffee mugs, and candles. But what is hope, really? Optimism? Positive thinking? Blind faith? What if hope were something more than any of these–something not only thrilling but life-changing? 

In a world that feels weary and uncertain at times, A Thrill of Hope offers us a powerful understanding of God’s promised hope in the person of Jesus. Ideal for churches, small groups, or personal reflection, this 4-week Advent devotional invites individuals and communities to pause, breathe deeply, and wait for the new and glorious morning revealed to us in Christ. 

A creative, Lectionary-based study, A Thrill of Hope was written by respected writers and pastors such as Dan Boone, Carla Sunberg, Jon Middendorf, Christine Hung, and more. Together, they invite us to hear the good news: the Spirit of hope lives in us all!

Product Details
4 Products
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