Lead Team

A Leadership Program for Preteens
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Product Summary

Allowing preteens the opportunity to serve in our churches is life-giving for the whole community of faith! Sometimes the opportunities are organic, like asking a 3rd grader to read to a first grader. As children get older they are ready to take on more responsibilities and serve the church in a more official capacity.

Enter Lead Team.

Lead Team gives preteens in your church a chance to be leaders, helps them learn to care for their faith community, and provides ways for them to grow closer to Jesus by following His example of servanthood!

This leadership program is downloadable and customizable to fit your needs. It works in just about any church size, whether you have 5 preteens or 50. Everything you will need to plan, orchestrate, promote, and execute a preteen leadership program.

The philosophy behind the ministry is spelled out, and there are ways to communicate with parents, preteens, and the whole church included in the download. Get a leader's guide, promotional materials, tools for both the leader (you) and the leaders (your preteens), scripture memory video, a training video for customizing the Lead Team documents, and so much more!

Get your preteens serving as ushers, worship team, tech assistants, Sunday School assistants, greeters, and more. Everything needed to help them succeed is included!

Give your preteens opportunities to lead and serve in their faith community and help train them up to be great leaders in the future!

Included in your download: (Click here to see complete list)

  • Job Descriptions
  • Orientation Letter
  • Commitment Cards
  • Team Building Games
  • Job Chart
  • Signage
  • Training Agendas
  • You Wuz Missed Postcard
  • Application Packet
  • Leader's Guide
  • Leader Training Video
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