I Am

The Startling Claim of Jesus
By: Jesse C. Middendorf
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    Jesse C. Middendorf
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Jesus makes a lot of startling claims in Scripture. Even though he speaks plainly, using images and illustrations from everyday life, his identity as the true Son of God remains a mystery to most of those who hear him. In I Am, Dr. Middendorf explores the contexts and hidden meanings behind the seven I Am sayings of Jesus in the gospel of John. All of these statements point to the outrageous declaration: I Am God. This book will help you gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus was back then in order to enrich in your own life who Jesus remains today.

When used a small group study during Lent, the first session should occur on or before the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday. The final session would then occur on or before Easter Sunday. Chapters 4 and 5 would be combined into one session for discussion, since they cover the same chapter in John.

Click here to download a free Easter sermon outline and a small group discussion guide.

Pack of 8 books.

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