Quantum Ministry

How Pastors Can Make the Leap
By: D. Randy Berkner
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    D. Randy Berkner
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Product Summary

Ministry is a uniquely demanding vocation. Of those who begin pastoral ministry in their 20s, less than half continue to retirement. Other studies have found that 75% of pastors say their self-esteem is lower now than when they first entered the ministry. This diminishing romance for pastoring is often linked to the haunting feeling that their efforts are not making much difference in people's lives. Their insecurity ends up rationalizing underachievement, and many eventually give up or burn out.

In Quantum Ministry, Pastor Randy Berkner adopts the belief that good is the enemy of great. He exposes the faulty assumption that average is acceptable and examines the various factors that contribute to underachievement and discontentment among pastors. Pooling from his own experiences and those of other pastors, Berkner addresses unrealistic role expectations, stressful credentialing requirements, low salaries, disorganization, the lack of a clearly defined purpose, and so on. He shows pastors the way to overcome these inhibitors and escape the destructive pull of the whirlpool of mediocrity. He inspires them to embrace a Christ-centered ministry model characterized by obedience, servanthood, excellence, and accountability, and outlines specific steps they can take to maximize their ministries. Berkner explains that the pastors who make the leap to quantum ministry are spiritually aligned, physically energized, emotionally connected, and mentally focused.

For pastors and church leaders struggling with mediocrity or the comfort of just being good, Quantum Ministry offers a way to restore their measure of greatness and make the leap to a more rewarding, engaging, and fruitful ministry in the service of Christ.

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