Simply Praying

52 Weeks with God
By: Patsy Lewis
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    Patsy Lewis
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Product Summary

Take the time to sit at His feet.

The Bible contains numerous models of prayers offered to God by His people. Even Jesus prayed to His Father and spent significant time in solitude listening to Him. Yet it seems that today very few Christians actually spend time with the Lord. For many, prayer has been reduced to squeezing in a few seconds to give thanks before meals and listing requests at bedtime. Still, many Christians long to develop a disciplined and meaningful prayer life but find it difficult to know where or how to begin.

In Simply Praying, Patsy Lewis leads readers on a transforming 52-week prayer adventure. With gentle guidance and insight, she provides practical prayer techniques that will transform their view of prayer and strengthen their relationship with the Lord. She addresses topics such as staying focused during prayer, letting go of emotional baggage, using Scripture to pray intentionally, and how to start or enhance a prayer journal that fits each individual's needs and style. Simply Praying encourages readers to run into Jesus' arms and sit at His feet—the place where the pursuit of truth and an authentic relationship with God begins.

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