The Truth in the Mirror

A Guide to Healthy Self-Image
By: Karla Downing
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    Karla Downing
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Product Summary

What we think about ourselves matters.

Our self-image is who we think we are, and who we think we are affects what we do. How we see ourselves is a product of our past experiences, our current interactions, society's standards and values, and how we feel others perceive us. It is related to our self-worth, which is how much value we place on ourselves. If we have a distorted self-image, we will not have an accurate measure of our abilities and will be unable to fully utilize the gifts God has given us.

In The Truth in the Mirror, author and counselor Karla Downing focuses on the importance of accepting ourselves so we can be at peace with who God created us to be and learn to become all He intends us to be. Through educated insight and practical application, Downing shows us how to be set free from the residue of our pasts--the useless comparisons to others, incorrect images others have placed on us, the need to please people, and the inability to accept ourselves as we are. She points the way to experiencing a new sense of satisfaction and pleasure in becoming real, as we portray the image of Christ, and teaches us to learn to accept and love the truth that's there when we look in the mirror.

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